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To keep international visitors informed too, i added these web page to my artist homepage. In the past i translated the text - as good as possible - directly on each single page, but now, i made the decision that is less work for me to put a stronger focus on separated pages, So i build an international start page and we´ll see how it works. I will not translate sentence by sentence, word for word and copy picture for picture.

If you think i missed something to translate or explain - which could really, really, really happen- don´t hesitate and send me your question or comment by email.

Translation Status

Start = ongoing

a little bit was done, content is similar to this international page here, which acts as a "start", too.

Vita = open

Kontakt = no need to translate these information.

Ausstellungen = open

Auftragsarbeiten = open

Bilder = open

Design = open


I finished a painting project, huge, means 400x350cm, a wall, based on oil, gesso and canvas. Following my method for private ordered paintings, iI had started with the dialog and the planning phase.

A scribble, a draft, is displayed and further information is placed on the project page.

In the next weeks of November, December and January, i will do some text update here to inform you about the progress of my paintings, projects and translations.


Further, i added a new category of paintings, related to my actual work, called "Marine" and "Abstrakte Arbeiten" (Abstract works). Just click "Bilder" which means "PIctures" to navigate through the different groups.

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